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Getting started

Please call for an initial consultation. The initial consultation takes about an hour, and I devote a large part of the time to understanding the specific problem or problems that brings you to see me. However, I also want to develop an understanding of each person as a whole. That means I will ask about other possible psychiatric or medical symptoms or complaints. I'll want to know about previous therapies and medications you may have tried. I'll also ask about your family background, your medical background, and about your drug and alcohol use. It is very important to me to understand your personal history: what it was like for you to grow up, your education, your jobs. I want to know about your friendships and relationships, past and present, about how you spend your free time and about the things you enjoy. All this will help me understand you better, to make a more accurate diagnosis, and to plan your treatment more effectively.

It will speed our work if you collect and bring any records you have about past medical or psychiatric problems. It is particularly helpful if you bring a list of all medications you are currently taking, if any (for both medical and psychiatric conditions), including supplements and herbals. If you've used psychiatric medications in the past, bring any information you have about those experiences: what they were, what doses you took and for how long, how well they worked and what side effects you may have experienced.

At the end of the initial evaluation, I will offer a diagnostic impression and plan. There is usually enough time to explain the options for treatment and to decide on future visits.

In rare instances, I will need more information before making a good recommendation for treatment. This may include the need for previous records or new tests to clarify the problem.

Ongoing treatment

Depending on the needs of the patient, I may recommend different patterns of treatment. If all that is needed is medication, follow-up visits will last about 15-20 minutes, and initially will be scheduled monthly. For therapy, or therapy combined with medication, weekly visits last from 45-50 minutes. Some treatments, in particular PTSD therapy, require longer sessions. Some patients may prefer twice weekly sessions, which can reduce the overall length of treatment.



In addition to appointments during regular business hours, I schedule evening, early morning and Saturday appointments.  

Missed Sessions

Patients must call to cancel a scheduled session at least 24 hours in advance, or they will be expected to pay for the session. The scheduled appointment time is reserved and can't be offered to someone else until canceled.


I do not accept insurance. Payment is by cash or check at the time of the appointment. Most insurance plans have a provision for partial reimbursement to their patients who see providers who are “out of network.” I will provide receipts with all the information patients need to submit for reimbursement from their insurance companies.




Dr. Barad

Dr. Barad

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